Whitewater Rafting The Lower Yough

Wednesday, August 6 — What a spectacular adventure day we had today!!!  We spent six hours whitewater rafting the Youghiogheny [YAW-ki-GAY-nee] River in Ohiopyle State Park in Pennsylvania.  We were on the famed “Lower Yough” [yawk] which provides some of the best whitewater rafting in the eastern United States, as well as some spectacular scenery along the riverbanks.  Throughout the 7.5 mile trip down the winding Yough, we paddled through 15 Class III/Class IV rapids.

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Whitewater Rafting the Yough

It wasn’t really a question of IF you got dumped into the water, it was more like WHEN it was going to happen.  The Double Hydraulics Rapids became double-trouble for Fred as he tumbled out of our raft and had to make his way back through the churning water.  Then the very next rapids, River’s End, proved to be my nemesis and I tumbled out and had a nice float down to the next pool of calm water where I could be hauled back into our raft.

All in all it was one of our best days Out There. We can’t wait ’til we get to Colorado where we plan to do a week-long trip down the Colorado River. Let’s hope we can stay in that raft!

4 thoughts on “Whitewater Rafting The Lower Yough”

  1. Hey, guys, I did a week long trip down the Colorado several years ago – you will love it!
    PS – how about those Cubs!

    1. Hey Kathy – thanks for continuing to read along with me and our Out There adventures. We’ll talk to you about your recommendations for rafting the big one – will be thrilling for sure!

  2. Great to see you guys having so much fun! Might I suggest you send periodic emails with teasers to your latest posts?

    1. Hi Jan – Thanks for reading my blog! Great idea, but I have enough on my plate just with the posts – I’m afraid teasers would do me in! I hope you check in regularly though as I’m trying hard to post every 2-3 days assuming I have Internet connectivity and we’re doing something post-worthy.

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