Where in the world is Laura?

Clearly I’ve been on hiatus, but I honestly hadn’t planned to be away from my keyboard this long!  I hope my readers aren’t thinking I gave up on our travel chronicles — I couldn’t do that!!

Since leaving Texas on December 2nd, I’ve been in Amsterdam and Bruges with our niece Kelsey who just finished up a semester studying abroad in Granada, Spain — we decided to meet in Amsterdam for a little travel fun together before she came back to the United States.  Then it was on to London and Lewes (an hour south of London) to spend a few more days in the U.K. with my dear friend Joanna.  After ten days in Europe I flew back to Chicago and spent a few days catching up with my girlfriends.  In all this time I didn’t have my laptop with me, so I wasn’t really able to blog.

Fred brought my laptop with him and re-joined me following his Toura Obscura; a trip in which he slowly made his way back to the Midwest in Toad, our Subaru [Charley (our RV) is still down in San Antonio], stopping at some really obscure places along the way and thus giving life and a name to his 2,400-mile solo trek back to Chicago.  After an evening together in Chicago, it was up to Appleton (Wisconsin) to visit Mom, sis and family for some pre-holiday cheer.  We spent three days and nights there, then drove down to Madison for a couple of days to be part of Kelsey’s graduation from the University of Wisconsin.  So it’s not like I’ve been loafing around doing nothing….  Now we’re back in Chicago for the Christmas holidays with the Jolly family and a few more days beyond that to continue catching up with friends.

All of this travel has been great and I have so enjoyed being back in Chicago, especially during this holiday season with all of the beautiful white Christmas lights in the downtown area.  And honestly, the break from blogging has been nice, as well.  But we know this is our link to many, many friends and family members, so it’s time for me to get back in the saddle once again and continue to share our unique travel experiences.  So my hiatus is officially over with now and I’m back in the blogging business!