When you say WIS-CON-SIN!

Thank goodness for replays on www.ncaa.com!  We were out in Santa Fe last night with our Chicago girlfriends who have flown out here to visit us and spend a long weekend together.  As timing would have it, the Sweet 16 Wisconsin – UNC game started right about the time we were into our second cocktail.  With no television in sight, fellow Badger, Christine, and I had no options for viewing our game.  Some time later, we checked the score and saw it was a 1-point game at the half.  Ugh… nervous! 

As the second half got underway, Christine periodically checked her smart phone, and texted with a few of our Badger friends who we knew would be messaging.  As the game was close, she couldn’t resist.  Quietly, politely, she asked our waitress for the restaurant’s internet password, then went into end-of-the-game live streaming mode.  Meanwhile, I had told her that I was going to try to avoid the outcome so I could watch the replay.  Bless her, she didn’t give anything away with shouts or sighs like she would otherwise be wont to do, and with the game clearly over, she and we carried on with the rest of our lovely evening together.

This is how I watched the Badger game this morning – note the tape on my screen.
The final score was shown across the top so Fred taped over it for me ~

Watching the Badger Gane replay this morning

We got back to Charley after our fine evening, and happily, I had managed to avoid the outcome.  So this morning at 7 o’clock, with the assistance of my dear husband, I logged on to ncaa.com and was able to pick up the game starting with the second half.  Fred, bless him, had to find the game for me so I wouldn’t see who won.  But then the final score was revealed across the top of the replay, so he layered two layers of masking tape and then paper across the top of my screen so I would see it.  Finally, after several “don’t look; don’t look”s, he turned my PC over to me so I could watch.  Clearly I was elated to stream the replay of the second half of the game and see our Badgers move ahead to the Elite 8!

This post, then, is dedicated 1) to our fabulous Wisconsin basketball team, the best team we’ve had in Badger history; 2) to Christine, who put her best poker face on and didn’t let her emotions reveal the outcome of the game to me; and 3) to Fred, who was a wonderful, understanding sport about the whole thing.

I wonder what we’ll have to do to see tomorrow’s game…?  Let’s hope we can watch it live!