What a difference a day makes!

April 15th — Why did we leave Moab?!!?! This is what we saw out Charley’s front window yesterday morning as we prepared for our journey up to Salt Lake City.

Out Charley's window April 14th as we left Moab
Out Charley’s window April 14th as we left Moab
Charley in Moab campground April 14th
Here’s Charley at the fabulous campground we were lucky enough to find and stay at for the last 11 days/nights in Moab

This is what we woke up to this morning! Salt Lake City is just 235 miles north of Moab, and what a difference in weather! Actually this is a freak snow event out here at this time of the year, and the local weather people assure us that we will be back in the 70’s by the weekend.

But still… why did we come up here?!??

Out our window in Salt Lake City on April 15th

2 thoughts on “What a difference a day makes!”

  1. Wow, stay in the sunshine guys!!  Beautiful photos – love Utah, what a treasure.  Glad you got to see the girls in Santa Fe, Laura!  I have a high school friend there, so a gang of us from McHenry County go down for a visit every five years or so-always fun.  Met a group from Chgo for hiking in Joshua Tree a few weeks back, but unfortunately my dad became ill and I had to cut the trip short.  My dad's in a rehab in Wheaton now, and I've been spending my days entertaining seniors!  Actually, Jimmy Piersall is one of those going through rehab, so lots of good stories.  If I didn't have to go back out today I would definitely be heading to Wrigley – 75 degrees, bright sunshine and Kris Bryant in the line up!  then tonight we have playoff games for both the Bulls and Hawks –  no shortage of beer drinking in my neighborhood!  Have a great time on the road – your stories and photos are fantastic!

    1. Thanks for the great note, Kathy. We’re so sorry to hear about your dad. You’re such a great daughter to visit him and care for him as you do….

      Got a text from Kyle this morning about it being a perfect Friday to spend an afternoon at Wrigley. We have a nice day here in Utah, too. The snow has all melted and it’s going to reach the high 60s – perfect for a hike up in one of the nearby canyons.

      We’ll be tracking the hockey game tonight – saw the double-OT victory a couple of nights ago – Go Hawks!!

      Take care. Figure out when you’re going to come out here for a visit!


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