Life and Website Under Construction

If you’ve found our website and are reading this post, please note that the site is not quite ready for “prime time” yet.  We aren’t sharing our URL widely, but you’re here and reading this, so welcome!   We hope you’ll please check back here in late May/early June as that’s our target for the big reveal of – a domain I registered nearly three years ago when my husband, Fred, and I first started talking about going Out There once we retired.

At this point, we are about six weeks from “launching” — the term we’ve used for having our 50+ item “To-Do” list completed and our life turned sideways as we forgo all the creature comforts of our two-bedroom two-bath downtown Chicago condo and replace it with a two-year roadtrip in a 30-foot RV where our goal is to travel to all of the states, visit all of the U.S. National Parks (and some in Canada), and see and catch up with lots of friends and family members along the way.  (Wow, that was a long sentence!)  So right now I’m juggling my time between working on this, our travel website… scheduling packers and movers… cleaning out closets and trying to decide what to bring along and what to donate to charity… seeing local friends/family members as much as possible before we leave the area, etc. etc.  Yes, this is a busy time for Fred and me, and there may be just a little stress, too!!

But as long as you’re here, and if you’re still reading this and are interested… for more information about this “adult sabbatical” that we’re taking, see the Meet The Jollys page of our home page – this explains the dream/vision.

I hope you come back for a visit once I’ve worked out all the kinks and tweaked the content of my website.  If nothing else, I’m enjoying the creative outlet this has given me, and my mother can keep track of where we are once we’re Out There by checking in here….