Travels With Charley

Today we picked up our newly-purchased RV from the storage facility in Indianapolis. The prior owners took immaculate care of it, only putting 4,649 miles on the odometer. A couple of signatures followed, and with that, the 30’ Newmar BayStar was ours!

We drove a short (and a bit nerve-racking) 15 miles to the home of some friends in Clearwater Cove and later that afternoon – during happy hour wouldn’t you know – christened him Charley. As usual, with this group of friends a party ensued – Dona L., Jim & Debby H., Sally A., Lorrene B., us, some snacks and beverages, and a bottle of Veuve Clicquot – this was a christening, after all! Dona gave us our first gifts – a roll of paper towels, a container of Clorox wipes, and some cocktail napkins – essential items for RV ownership.

I went to bed that night with two thoughts in my head: first, ‘Wow, we really are doing this!’… and then, ‘There’s no turning back now; we own a 30-foot RV!’

02 - Proud new RV owners