The Jolly Itinerary

As the Chief Logistics Officer, or CLO, of our two-year road trip, a.k.a. “adult sabbatical”, a.k.a. social experiment to see if a husband and wife can live together and still stand each other after living in the small quarters of a 30′ RV (our best calculation is that we have around 220 ft² of living space), I have the responsibility of planning this trip.

We both have made our ‘to-do’ and ‘to-buy’ lists, and we’ve both actively been sharing the responsibility for all of the activities that need to get done prior to our ‘launch’ at the end of May 2014 when we become “full-timers” — things like

  • sell the condo
  • buy a manual transmission tow vehicle (we learned this is affectionately referred to in the RV community as a “Toad” (get it?) so it can be towed


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