The Friendly Confines of Wrigley Field

Today is Opening Day for the Cubs!  Actually the game is this evening, but that’s just getting technical now, isn’t it…?  The Cubs are back at Wrigley after a very successful spring training season out in Arizona [we went to opening day out there; see my Spring Training post] and today begins what is going to finally, after more than a century(!!), be our big run to take it all and become the World Series Champions of 2016!  For the time being, let’s just leave aside the fact that our best power slugger is out for the season; the rest of the team is surely going to rally behind him and tally the hits and runs we were expecting from Schwarber this season.

Going to opening day is a tradition of ours, but due to terrible planning on the part of this CLO, we flew down to North Carolina to visit Daddy and Joan and Kelsey one day before opening day back up in Chicago where we have been spending time on and off for the last three weekends — how could I have been so sloppy in my planning?!?  Surely I should have paid more attention to the Cubs schedule, planned to join our friends for the game tonight at Wrigley, then flown down here tomorrow.  But alas, I didn’t, and so we’ll hopefully be watching on TV tonight and then look forward to attending a game when we get back to Chicago.

Fred with his brick
Fred's brick from Claire & Kyle

But alas, all is not so terrible.  We were up in the Wrigleyville neighborhood on Friday and found the paver that Claire & Kyle had created for Fred in celebration of his recent birthday.  And with a little help from a friend, they were able to have it placed right next to the memorial brick of his all-time favorite baseball hero, the legendary Ron Santo.  Ron was the third baseman for the Cubs back when little Freddie was third baseman for his Little League team in Chenoa.  How special is that…?!?  

As of yesterday, we have decided to stick around Chicago for another weekend, our fourth now, so we can take in the Cubs vs. Diamondbacks game on Saturday afternoon before heading back west to meet back up with Charley and continue our Out There journey….

Fred with his hero
Fred with his baseball hero, the late, great Ron Santo, who played third base for the Cubs from 1960 – 1973.  Ask Fred about his Ron Santo memorabilia collection sometime…!