We are now in Texas. We’ve actually been here since Sunday, but our first three days were not too noteworthy. Like the rest of the country, it was cold down here (relatively speaking) and rainy. Being limited in our outdoors activities, we got caught up on a lot of personal “stuff” and Fred got our tax information prepared, so it hasn’t been all bad.

Late afternoon yesterday we pulled through the gates of our friends’ ranch house just north of San Antonio, and we’ll be spending the next couple of weeks here in horse country with them.  We have lots to do together including taking in a couple of rodeos, visiting The Alamo and a couple other national park units that are nearby, and generally just hanging out.  

We will be in this great state for nearly a month as from here we move on to two more national parks – Big Bend NP and Guadalupe Mountains NP.  More to come from Texas soon….

2 thoughts on “Texas”

  1. You'll hear some good country music down there!   and warmer temps! Weather so lousy up here.

    PS. Construction way behind at Wrigley  – this must be our year!

    1. Hi Kathy – We’ve had good music but not so good weather – seems to be a trend everywhere this winter. :(

      Re: Wrigley – we read that Rahm declined a request for the crew to work 24 x 7 to try to catch up – that’s a touchy one. Wonder if you and the crew will make opening day after all?? We’ll miss you!!!!


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