Little-While Friends

A little over a year ago we met a really terrific couple while we were down in St. John visiting the Virgin Islands National Park.  We enjoyed a few days of fun in the sun by the pool and a couple of nights of drinks and dinner with Suzy and Kevin who happened to be staying

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A Month of Monuments

It’s November 1st — where has the month of October gone?!?  We are currently exploring the American Southwest, specifically the Four Corners area that is Utah, Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico.  During the fall we have had the opportunity to visit two more national parks — Capitol Reef National Park in Utah and Petrified Forest National Park in Arizona —

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Petrified Forest National Park

There are many parts to Petrified Forest National Park, from the namesake petrified logs that are strewn across the landscape… to Triassic treasures that show the fossil record of Ancient Arizona some 200+ million years ago… to petroglyphs and solar calendars left behind by Ancestral Puebloan people… to a historic inn that commemorates the nostalgia

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Arches National Park

Hello Utah!  And hello to two more stunning, glorious, amazing national parks!  The great state of Utah actually has five national parks and six additional national park units, and one would be hard pressed to pick a favorite – they are all so unique and picturesque.  During our 11-night stay in Moab which is located in the high desert in eastern Utah, we are

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Bandelier National Monument

Saturday, March 28 — I had a fabulous Friday with my girlfriends doing “city things” in Santa Fe like shopping, enjoying an al fresco lunch, indulging in some day drinking (wine and margaritas) because we were all together and we could, shopping some more, strolling in the lovely sunny weather, and celebrating both Fred’s and Suzanne’s birthdays with a delicious Spanish dinner

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Kaloko-Honokohau NHP

March 26 — On another historical site on the west coast of the ‘big island’ sits a couple of ancient Hawaiian settlements.  For hundreds of years, extended family groups of these Hawaiian natives learned to live here on the desolate landscape by developing unique farming techniques and by using the abundant ocean resources for fishing.  Kaloko-Honokohau National Historic Park (NHP) preserves

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