T-11 days until we launch; we’re picking up speed…!

Tuesday, May 20 — We made two trips out to Charley today to take out our bikes as well as our mattress.  Not surprisingly, the mattress you get in an RV is not all that comfortable, so we are taking our good one from our home and swapping it out with the crappy one in the RV.  Crappy goes into storage for two years along with the rest of our household goods, and we get to sleep on our nice queen-size mattress from home in comfort.

And meanwhile back at home, the condo looks like… well, it looks like we’re getting ready to move out!  Fortunately it’s already sold, and move-out day is just eight days away!  As we keep reminding ourselves, “…it will all get done….”

2 thoughts on “T-11 days until we launch; we’re picking up speed…!”

  1. Hello Laura! I was so happy to know about you when TJ forwarded us your e-mail message. I’m so jealous of finding out about your activities and amazing travel adventure. Please enjoy every second of your traveling years. Even RV’ing is not part of my culture, I’ve learned to understand the comfort and benefits for doing it and I’m planning on learning and getting into this for our next family vacations. A big kis for you and have a wonderful time. Mauricio Ortiz

    1. Hello Mauricio – So glad TJ forwarded our update to you. I didn’t have many old HP email addresses to forward to everyone, so I’m glad it made it to you. While we’ve only been on the road for a little over a week in our RV, we highly recommend it! xo to you!! –Laura

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