Slowin’ down in San Antonio

November 21 — After a couple of long days of driving down through New Mexico and across a lot of Texas, we arrived at my college roommate’s home just north of San Antonio. As you can see, it’s not a bad place to be taking a little break from the road where we plan to unwind and celebrate Thanksgiving.

Home Sweet Home in San Antonio
Home Sweet Home for the Thanksgiving holiday in San Antonio

With a nice big kitchen in which to cook — actually big everything here in this house; we are in Texas, you know…! — I am running “Auntie Laura’s Cooking School” with Rachael (9th grade) and a couple of her friends, and Kristen (7th grade) for a few days as we lead up to Thanksgiving.  Jennie, their oldest, is away at college this year — wow, are we getting old; Jackie has a daughter in college!

Like the last time we were here, the thing I am enjoying most, besides the company of friends, is sitting down together at the dinner table for family meals.

It’s sure nice to have a home here in Texas to come to to slow down, unwind, and enjoy some family time….