Sleepover in Salt Lake City

A much anticipated event with friend Chris’s children, we had a sleepover in Charley on Saturday night!

Ella and Oliver sleepover in Charley

We let parents Chris and Keith come over and hang out with us for a little while, but then we kicked them and Fred out so we could get on with our plans. We started with some cheese and crackers and drinks, followed by a new favorite for the kids, chicken potpie soup. After some dancing (“Uptown Funk” and “Shut Up And Dance” were particular faves) and a walk around the campground, we came back, got our jammies on, made some popcorn, and watched Big Hero 6 in bed – talk about a fabulous night!

Ella and Oliver sleepover in Charley
Ella and Oliver sleepover in Charley

“Sleepless in Salt Lake City” might have been another fitting title for my post, for I’m not used to sleeping with two kids. Oliver, in the middle, was especially wiggly, but he’s a cuddler, too, and all negative thoughts vanished when his little arm wrapped around my chest and his little leg plopped over mine. Actually I think he thought he was cuddling with his cat, but no matter… I enjoyed the sweet gesture at 2:30 a.m…..

In the morning we snuggled and tickled and ate oatmeal and yummy cinnamon rolls. The kids enjoyed some more bed and TV time while I did some dishes and packing, then we all buckled up and headed back to their house.

The sleepover lived up to the hype, and I enjoyed being in the world of a 2nd grade boy and 4th grade girl – two of my favorite children in the whole wide world!

Thanks for the awesome sleepover, Ella and Oliver! Uncle Fred and I can’t wait to travel with you in Alaska in a couple of months!!