Rolling through Rockford

June 24-25 — We had a really nice visit with Fred’s cousins, Denny & Mitzi, while making our way north.  Mitzi offered us three basic things I’m beginning to treasure  – a washer/dryer; a long, hot shower in a roomy bathroom; a nice cozy bed with lots of room on both sides – how could we turn that offer down?  We couldn’t!!!

Denny & Mitzi have a beautiful home on several acres just east of Rockford, so there was plenty of room for Charley and Toad in their driveway – something else that comes in very handy when visiting friends!  We all enjoyed the dinner & drink special at the local pub in nearby Cherry Valley, then went back to their home for more tripping down memory lane, aided by old Chenoa High School yearbooks.  Time together like this is something we really cherish – one that’s made possible now that we’re on the road.

Thanks, you two, for a terrific visit.  We love you and look forward to you joining us Out There…!

2 thoughts on “Rolling through Rockford”

  1. hello,looks like you are having quite the wife and I are good friends with denny and mitzi. we are getting ready to take our fall roadtrip and we are heading to west glacier, leaving home on sept.8. just wondering if the fires and smoke are going to be an issue. any help would be greatly appreciated. HAVE FUN & ENJOY,
    thanks greg and debbie

    1. Hi Greg & Debbie — We are currently in Missoula, about 2.5 hours south of the park, and finding the smoke to be at dangerously high levels, so we’re going to skip Glacier NP for now. I will reply to you in a separate email with the rest of the details.

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