Revisiting The Angle

As many of our friends know, we love the CBS News Sunday Morning show.  Following the trumpet fanfare and our first glimpse of the sunshine logo that changes throughout the broadcast we are treated each week with smart segments on a variety of topics, mostly focused on the performing arts.  Historical look-backs, interviews, editorials, serious issues or lighter fare, we enjoy every story in this 90-minute program.  And relevant to note that this year, to commemorate the National Park Service’s centennial celebration, the concluding “Moment of Nature” segments are all filmed in national parks!

So imagine our surprise — and joy! — when this morning’s show featured a segment on a place we visited nearly two years ago when we were at the start of our Out There journey.  The place is Minnesota’s Northwest Angle, billed by CBS as “an American geographic oddity.”  Click here to watch this really cool segment from the show this morning.  And note that the family that is featured, the Goulets, run the Angle Outpost Resort where Fred and I stayed when we were up there in mid-July 2014.

Jason and Lisa Goulet went out of their way to accommodate our request not to fish, as most of the people who come here do, but instead to visit the northernmost north point in the continental United States.  We enjoyed visiting this out-of-the-way spot so much that I wrote two posts about the time we spent up in this quirky little place:  Northernmost Extreme Point: Northwest Angle, Minnesota and Journey to Angle Outpost.  I enjoy re-reading my posts from time to time; perhaps you will, too… or if you weren’t following along with us and our journey two years ago, this, then, is a flashback to some of our first Out There adventures.

As a footnote to our visit here, we have since decided that while the Northwest Angle is the northernmost point in the contiguous U.S., it is not, by far, the northernmost point — that would be Point Barrow, Alaska.  So this July when we go back up to Alaska we are flying up to Barrow so we can truly visit the northernmost point in the U.S.  [See our Traveling to the Extreme Points of the U.S. post.]

We don’t always get to watch the show, but just as we experienced today, it is a real treat to do so….