Resident Columnist Published Again

Fred's Walking With Ghosts

Once again, Fred has contributed an article to his local hometown paper, the Chenoa Clipper Times.

One of the things that each of us has enjoyed about this trip is visiting many wonderful historical sites and battlefields.  We experience these important places in our nation’s history with an appropriate amount of reverence, and in this article, Fred has shared his personal perspective on visiting theses sites, and in particular, our time at Gettysburg National Battlefield.  As you will read, his sunrise walk on the battlefield was much more than simply a stroll through a pasture.

Fred’s latest story can be found at:  Walking With Ghosts

2 thoughts on “Resident Columnist Published Again”

  1. Wonderful article, Fred. Along with Laura, you need to volunteer in history classes and share your passion. You are such a good writer, a skill that I admire.

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