Ready for Christmas in Southport

December 8-12 — Even though it doesn’t snow down here in the Carolinas, that doesn’t mean Santa’s sleigh doesn’t land on rooftops and Santa doesn’t come down chimneys to deliver toys to good children in 50 degree weather. No… we’re pleased to report that Christmas preparations and traditions still take place, despite the lack of snow, down here in North Carolina.

Ready for Christmas in Southport

This past week we enjoyed a very relaxing visit with Daddy & Joan down in Southport.  It was wonderful visiting with them and it really looked and felt like home, which is special particularly this year since we have no home of our own to decorate and host friends and family at Christmastime.

It was a low-key visit – just the way we like it. We read, walked, photographed, visited, and, of course, ate and drank well. We took advantage of their carpet cleaner one afternoon and Fred gave a good cleaning to the couple of sections of carpet inside Charley – it almost looks like new!

A good mopping and scrubbing down, washing the duvet & duvet cover and all of our clothes… we are ready to keep on keepin’ on! We’re not sure when we’ll get back here next, but we sure enjoyed this visit, and Charley sparkles, shines, and even smells clean!

Christmas in the South

Thanks, Daddy & Joan, for a great visit!