Parting the Cheddar Curtain


June 25 — After spending most of June in Illinois, we are venturing north of the Cheddar Curtain and are now in Wisconsin.  We will spend a couple of weeks here camping (of course; that’s how we live now!) and visiting with friends and family.  Here’s our itinerary while I’m back home with my fellow cheeseheads:

June 25-26 – Lake Kegonsa State Park – Kelsey & Timmy will come visit us to get a flavor of how we’ll be living for the next two years, and we’ll also join them at some of our favorite haunts in Madison

June 27 – Bill & Lisa F’s lake house in Stoughton (south of Madison) – morning bike ride through the beautiful countryside that, God willing, will be our home roads in a couple of years; afternoon boating on Lake K; Friday night fish fry with them and Kelsey/Timmy

June 28 – Bob & Diane C’s lake house in Mauston (near Wisconsin Dells) – a continuation of all of the fun things you do at a Wisconsin lake house

June 29-July 6 – Zander cabin in Elcho (up der hey by Rhinelander) for a week of BFF/hubby/family fun; more surely to be written (if remembered!) on this week together to celebrate and mourn the three of us girlfriends being 50 now!

July 6-7 – Appleton with Mom/Sis/DJ/Patrick/Liz/Nat – visiting the family and having fun

July 8-10 – Peninsula State Park in Door County – camping with the two youngest nieces – can’t wait for the hikes & bike rides, the play in the park (“Guys on Ice” at the American Folklore Theatre), campfires with s’mores, and other fun stuff with E & N!

… and then it’s on up to the UP, or Upper Peninsula [of Michigan], we go!  Are we having fun yet?  Yes we are, and with lots more to come!!  Now please pass me some cheese curds!

2 thoughts on “Parting the Cheddar Curtain”

  1. oh, it’s hard to beat beautiful Wisconsin in the summer! Sounds like you are having a ball. So much fun to spend time with old friends and family in a relaxed setting! Hope you have some time for berry picking! We had great strawberries in Mi, and are waiting for the blues – along with the rest of the vegetable crop! Harvesting gets harder every year though because the critters seem to be getting smarter (or hungrier after last winter!) All else good here (except for gloomy, cool weather.) Everyone is setting up chairs (our building lobby, our conference room)for the 11am US vs Germany game. I think the Cup is helping us take our minds off the CUBS!
    My golf game has really picked up this year and I keep meeting more and more nice folks wanting to play. Next summer I’ll have more time! I’m still running but concentrating on shorter distances – think my marathon days are over – although Bob Scales wants me to run Madrid with him – we’ll see. Bas is good in San Diego, traded squash for handball (squash courts too far away), and seems to be livening up the SD architecture scene.
    Love to hear of your continuing adventures in Charley!

    1. Thanks for the wonderful note Kathy! Haven’t picked berries yet – need to get that on the list. Heading out for a bike ride now, then hope to be in a bar in Madison (as they are plentiful) to see the second half of the game. Go USA! And On Wisconsin!

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