Our three final days in Chicago

Final night dinner at Anne’s – Fred, Claire & Kyle, Anne, Tom & Eric (above)

Thursday-Saturday, May 29-31 — Wow – we are moved out!  Knowing in advance that we would have some loose ends that needed to be tied up (like returning the cable boxes back to RCN, delivering some of our plants to their new caregivers, etc.) we planned to stick around the area through the end of the week to wrap things up.  This has proved invaluable as there is still some work to be done on the RV, too – matching up the tow plate on the front of the car that was installed by Blue Ox in Nebraska with the tow arm that Tim & Dave and the Ehrhardt’s guys installed on the back of the RV.  We ordered a bike rack that can mount on the back of either the RV or the Subaru, so they are installing that, a mud flap, and a few other small items.

Fred and the guys at Ehrhardt's going over the towing system

We are very much enjoying being Anne’s roommates for these last three days in Chicago. She’s a dear friend who has generously opened her home up completely to us and all of our remaining odds & ends. She also happens to have an extra car, so an additional set of wheels has been invaluable as once again we’ve had to split up to get things done. And while we are doing some running around, we are also able to sleep in, relax in the mornings, and enjoy some final dinners with friends and family. We will miss Chicago and our friends very much, but at this point we are very excited to launch – we will do so in the morning.

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