Our New Home of South Dakota!

We are South Dakota residents!  That’s right… we have a local address and mail forwarding service there now, valid driver’s licenses, SD license plates for our vehicles [Charly because Charley was taken just four days because we got there :(  ] and we will go on this two-year road trip as a South Dakota couple!

Our new state of SD
Great Faces, Great Places

There are several advantages to having residency in SD, including the fact this state really caters to “full-timers” like us.  They made the process of becoming residents very smooth, so we flew to Sioux Falls on a Tuesday, and then flew home Wednesday as registered voters and with SD driver’s licenses in our wallets.  Never in a million years did I think I’d be saying “I’m from South Dakota,” but then again, I never saw myself living for two years in a 30-foot RV driving around the country!  Did I mention there are tax advantages to living here, too………?