Our Expected Itinerary for Year One

The first thing most people ask us when we tell them what we’re doing is “do you have an itinerary?” Well, yes, we do… for the first year anyway. With a goal of visiting all 59 of the national parks and whatever other national park areas we come close to (there are 401 national park areas in total), as well as visiting friends and family along the road, we are aiming to hit all the parks east of the Mississippi River before the end of 2014. Then in winter/spring of 2015 we’ll head to the southwest where the concentration of NPs are. We’ll make our way up the Pacific Coast visiting many/most of those parks along the way, and we plan on about six weeks in Alaska in June/July 2015 to visit the eight NPs up there. Below is our route for the first year; year two is a work-in-progress – we’ll make that up once we see what we’ve missed in year one.

9 thoughts on “Our Expected Itinerary for Year One”

  1. You are such an inspiration. Love, love LOVING seeing your updates and photos. Really need to come out to find you in 2015. It’s be too long my friend and life is too, too short. I keep your link now for those dull as ditchwater endless conference calls that speak in grey tones of grey subjects like part numbers, discount and satisfaction “issues”. Let’s see if, where we can fit into your plans and itinerary. Yosemite is on my wish-list due to it being home of so many of Ansel Adams’ images. Given that I studied his work for my degree and not yet been ………. Sending love and light to you both. Joanna xx

  2. Congrat’s on the launch! It is amazing. BTW. Updaste. The Cubs are still in last place here ….and will be so when you return in two years. But the bathrooms may be much nicer thanks to Rham’s influence on the Ricketts plan.

    I see a potential intersect for an SEC football showdown and the ultimate RV tailgate this fall. Let Ann and I know feasibility to syncronize with the Nat Park itineary.

  3. Super cool, and I’m jealous. :) Go have a blast and soak up the experience (and take lots of pics). TJ

    1. Thanks TJ! We plan to enjoy it all… well, except for the mosquitoes and 10 rainy days in a row. ;-) Take care. Check back in to see our pics.

    1. You’re my first comment, Daddy – thanks! Charley and we leave Sunday, June 1st… we have four nights at Starved Rock State Park about 90 miles west of here. Plans include catching up on sleep, re-organizing things, and testing out our new hammock!

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