November 13 — We thought one more drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway might be nice as we were leaving Great Smoky Mountains National Park today.  We found a 20-mile stretch that looked good on the map – thought we’d take it then link back up with the highway we needed to be on to continue on south.  Then all of the sudden… OH DANG!!!

Can you see the sign – 11’10” clearance?  Do you see the little tunnel in the center of the picture where the road ends?  Do you know how tall Charley is?  Taller than 11’10”!!!!

Fortunately the southern terminus of the Blue Ridge Parkway didn’t have many cars on it today!  Unable to go through the tunnel without searing off the top of our motorhome (and that would be SO BAD!!) we ended up having to unhook Toad in the middle of our lane.  Then Fred did an amazing five-point turn in Charley across both lanes.  [The drop-off off the edge was steeper than it looks in the photo, and there was no shoulder!]  Then we re-hooked Toad onto the back of Charley.  Then we retraced our steps back down the Parkway to where we had entered it 30 minutes before.

Now that’s a mistake you don’t want to make too often!  Lesson learned – check roadway clearances on scenic byways and highways/roadways built long ago before you plan on driving your 12’4″ RV on them!