O Holy Night

Christmas is now over, but as this blog is also the journal for our life on the road, I wanted to capture and share a few bits of our wonderful Christmas holidays so that friends and family members who check in with us regularly here on our website can see what all we did.

Fred got an Ansel Adams photography book -- and note the fabulous TV fireplace
Claire & Kyle hosting their first holiday gathering on Christmas Eve

We started our holiday festivities at Claire & Kyle’s on the afternoon of Christmas Eve. We had a delightful time with them, noshing on their tasty nibbles and washing them down with Claire’s Christmas cocktails made with Prosecco, pomegranate liquor and pom seeds in the glasses — fancy and delicious!

Christmas presents!
My Wisconsin family on Christmas Eve
Daniel, Mom and Kirsten in the front row; Kyle, Elizabeth, Natalie, Kelsey, and Timmy (Kelsey’s boyfriend) in the back

As the pictures show, we had fun exchanging Christmas presents before making our way downtown where Tom joined us for dinner at Beatrix. We then attended the very beautiful service of Lessons and Carols at Fourth Presbyterian Church on Michigan Avenue. As always, it was a moving and meaningful service celebrating the birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

It’s tough having so many family members living in different places, and so while we couldn’t be with all of them, we were sure thinking of them. This is my family up in Wisconsin on Christmas Eve. I know we were all together in spirit….