Northernmost Extreme Point: Northwest Angle, Minnesota

If you look at a map of Minnesota, you’ll see a nub that sticks out at the top of the state.  Most of this is water (Lake of the Woods) but in the upper left hand corner of that nub is a 30-square-mile land mass that is about 20 miles north of the state of Minnesota as we think of it, but it’s not connected.  Getting here requires crossing from Minnesota into Manitoba, Canada, for about 40 miles, then crossing back into this little nub again. It is this unconnected part of the United States, then, that is the second extreme point, and our destination.

Mind you for most people, The Angle, as the locals call it, is a destination for fabulous fishing – muskie, walleye, northern, bass, crappie, etc. – both in the summertime and then ice fishing in wintertime.  But for us, again, with this crazy idea to get to the four most extreme points of the United States, we just had to come here.  [See March 5, 2015 Traveling to the Extreme Points post.]

The Cut, Jason's bouy,  and Jason/our boat - right on the TRUE northernmost border
The cut in the trees between the U.S. and Canada, Jason’s buoy, and his boat – we’re truly right on the northernmost point

Make sure to see the post on Journey to Angle Outpost for more fun photos and all the details of how we got here. It was a very interesting journey – well worth the rather out-of-the-way trip. And Jason Goulet and his wife, Lisa, owners of Angle Outpost Resort, couldn’t have been more accommodating! When they knew that we were here for the extreme point and not the excellent fishing, they customized our visit to include Jason taking us out on his boat to get to the TRUE northernmost point, which happens to be in the water. Thanks to the Goulets, we thoroughly enjoyed our adventures in Northwest Angle and have now been to two of the four extreme points in the United States.

Northwest Angle

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    1. Yes… and our third one is coming up in September when we’re in Maine! But the westernmost west is in Washington, so we won’t be out there until June 2015.

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