the Jolly's National Parks Journey On The Map

I’ve created a map that shows the locations of all of the national parks.  A green icon marks the parks we’ve visited; a pink icon marks those we have yet to visit.  Hover your cursor over an icon to determine the park.

4 thoughts on “The Jolly’s National Parks Tally on the Map”

  1. My husband and I enjoyed your blog, finding it informative and inspiring. As we too plan to make a best effort on NP’s trip, we want to also budget. With the “out there by numbers”, we don’t see a budget/cost. Do you have a breakdown or suggestions? We recognize many variables will exist
    and ultimately alter the final cost.

    1. Hi Tammy,

      My bad… we haven’t kept up to date on our blog in quite some time, and because of this I did not see you had made a comment. I’m so sorry for not replying on a timely basis!

      Budget… wow… good question! We honestly didn’t have a budget as once we ‘launched’ our life on the road, our only expenses were what we needed for 2.5 years of living in and traveling around in our RV which was *much* cheaper than living our lives in a downtown Chicago condo!

      I would be happy to go back to look at what an average month looked like for us, but clearly each couple’s trip has soooo many variables. That said, I’m happy to share what I can with you.

      I propose that if you’re still interested in getting some costing information that you please email me at our ‘normal’ email address — I’d rather take our discussion off this website and on to our email, and in truth, perhaps a phone call or two is even better for an interactive discussion! I’ll share my phone number in private email once I hear back from you.

      All the best to you with your trip! I hope we can connect via Gmail! :o)

  2. It was so nice to chat with you on the Castle Trail this morning — enjoy the rest of your journey as you get your 59th tally mark this fall! Happy trails! -Ranger Dakota

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