Mountain Biking in Moab

What a day we had on our bikes – not one day, but two days actually!  While the one-road town of Moab (pop: 5,000) is definitely a tourist town because of its proximity to two national parks [although I believe the marketing materials for Moab refer to it as a resort town], it also draws visitors into the area because of the unique terrain through which miles and miles of world-class trails have been created for outdoor adventure activities such as four-wheeling and mountain biking.

We were amazed at just how many different biking areas have been developed here – from easier, more scenic trails suitable for most people who own a bike, to world-famous, highly technical crazy stuff.  We were directed to a couple of trail systems and found one, in particular, to our liking.  In a word, it was spectacular MOAB Brands features 30+ miles of biking trails adjacent to Arches National Park, and in fact, when biking on some of the backside trails, the arches of Arches can be seen in the distance!

MOAB Brands Mountain Biking Area - home of some choice mountain biking!
The MOAB Brands Trails
Fred riding the Rusty Spur Trail
This trail took us nearly two miles out on red dirt singletrack with some occasional rocks thrown on the trail for good bumping. The scrub desert landscape with the rusty-colored mesas in the background was beautiful!
Riding on the Bar M Loop Trail
This is a section of another fun trail, the Bar M Loop. The snow-capped mountains in the background made for an interesting backdrop, especially as we were biking in the high 70s!
That's Arches National Park in the background!
This is the very first bike I purchased back in 1991. It’s a classic; a steel-frame Trek 950. I had it entirely re-built a few years ago, and while it has no shocks like the newer bikes do, and a front shock would have really helped on these rocky trails(!!)
Ready to hit the trails
Fred taking the lead on the Rusty Spur Trail
Part of the trail - this slickrock just invites fun, doesn't it?
Some trails in the trail system had us riding over slickrock. Unlike the name, it is not slick, but bumpy… again, jackhammer bumpy! But it was sure fun!!
Fred up ahead on Bar M Loop Trail
There’s Fred up the trail a bit – blending into the background with his bright rust-colored shirt. We were both having a blast out here on these fabulous trails!
Circle O Trail leading out to Arches NP
That’s Arches National Park in the background

We would definitely categorize ourselves as road cyclists, not mountain bikers, although we brought our mountain bikes with us on our Out There journey knowing we would have more opportunities to mountain bike than to cycle on smooth roads. After 11+ miles of biking on each of the two days we came out here, we knew our ol’ bodies would be feelin’ it later, but we sure had a lot of fun while on these trails! The public lands in Utah are a treasure, and we have already booked a stay here at this same time next year to come back for some more outdoor recreation and adventures!

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    1. Why yes, 1991 was a great year! I bought my bike in April (in Appleton, by the way), then you were born in December. Gosh do I feel old now!!!

      Love you, honey!! xoxo –Auntie

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