Meeting Jordan in Missoula

My delay in posting this is in no way related to how much we enjoyed visiting Missoula and seeing our nephew, Jordan, a couple of weeks ago! Fred’s next-oldest brother’s son, Jordan, is one of nine of the Jolly “kids” now in their 20’s and early 30’s. Most of this generation still lives 100 miles, give or take, from where the four Jolly boys grew up in Central Illinois, but Jordan is one of a couple of the younger generation that has decided that life a bit farther afield suits him well.

Uncle Fred, Jordan & Laura
River City Roots Festival

Our re-routing to Idaho due to the fires and smoke delayed us in getting to see him by a few days, but we put up with the smoke and hazardous air quality to drive back up north into Montana to join him for a couple of days as he shared his town with us.  We met him and one of his roommates for dinner on Friday night at a nice Italian restaurant in his neighborhood; I’m always happy for the opportunity to eat homemade pasta and have a nice glass or two of Italian vino, so he chose the restaurant well!  Then on Saturday we joined him and several of his friends at an outdoor street party in downtown Missoula, the River City Roots Festival, where we listened to an outstanding band rock some bluegrass.

It was really terrific to see Jordan, as living out in Montana now, he’s a long way from “home” in Central Illinois.  But then again, so are we….  And wonderful it was to see what a nice, considerate, thoughtful young man he’s grown to be.  Jordan, you represent the Jolly family name well!  Thanks for hosting us for a great weekend visit, even if our throats did hurt and our eyes did sting and we did have ash raining down on us all the while we visited you — we still enjoyed you and your Missoula immensely!

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  1. Debbie Jolly (Jordan's mom)

    I’m glad you had a great visit. I can’t wait until we can get out there and see him and the beauty of that area! Thanks for the update and picture!

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