Meet-up in Moab

It’s so much fun to meet up with friends on the road, and when your friends aren’t available, then their kids are a good substitute.

So here we are killing some time in magical Moab when we get a text from Fred’s Navy buddy, Perry, letting us know that his daughter and her husband are going to be passing through Moab the following day en route to their new jobs and the start of their new life out on the west coast.  [Theirs is a great story: they met in Spain when they were both studying abroad.  They kept their relationship going as they each finished their studies; Kristen then joined Frederick in his native France where they got married and have been living for the last couple of years as they sorted out green cards and the other complex paperwork associated with two individuals from two different countries getting married — they both get an A+ for believing in love and for their perseverance and making it work!  We had heard all about these two and their life adventures from Perry and Dee Dee as it was all unfolding beginning a few years ago.]

So even though we have never met Kristen, that didn’t stop us from reaching out to her to see if she and Frederick would be up for meeting up with us in Moab.  They were game, so we met for lunch at our favorite little cafe here in Moab, Eklecticafe, and then went across the street for some frozen yogurt at Moyo, another of our favorites out here.  We gave them guidance for their afternoon visit to Arches NP, then sent them on their way to enjoy the beautiful rock formations found here.

Kristen & Frederick
Fred and I enjoying a little frozen yogurt and conversation with Kristen & Frederick

Although our time with Kristen and Frederick was brief, it was lovely meeting up with the two of them as they are making their way out to Napa Valley with everything they own in Kristen’s old SUV for new jobs and a new life together in California.  As we drove back to Charley we both voiced what we had each been thinking… we couldn’t help but be excited and thrilled and perhaps even a little envious of them.  The world is their oyster, and even though they have been together for a few years now, they are still writing the very first chapters of their lives together — how exciting is that?!!  Good luck Kristen & Frederick!  We wish you all the best as you get settled….