Meet Reg!

Reginald Todd Whiten
Reginald Todd Whiten

Our new little nephew came into the world back on June 30, and last night we got to meet him!  You can call me a biased aunt, but I think he’s the sweetest, most adorable little thing on the planet!

Amy & Ray went through all of the steps and the anxiety of adopting this little peanut, but from Amy’s first text to me from the hospital, once they saw him at five hours old, it was ‘love at first sight!’  We can see why!

We met Amy & Ray out at a terrific little pizza place in Easton, PA, and I had the pleasure of getting to hold little Reg most of the time – I just didn’t want to give him up!

While there’s not much you can say about a seven-week old’s personality just yet, I did make a couple of initial observations.  He’s adorable.  He’s wiggly.  He’s strong.  Everybody, and I mean everybody in the restaurant wanted to take him home, so you can see in the photos and imagine just how sweet he is.

He’s still trying to figure out his days and his nights, so we wish Amy & Ray a lot of luck with that early on here!  But we also look forward to watching this little guy grow and being a good aunt and uncle to him in the future.  So welcome, little Reg.  

We already love you lots & lots!

Mom Amy & baby Reg
Happy Mom & sweet baby Reg