Maine Lobsters and Lobstermen

.Being a lobsterman up here in New England is a way to make a living
.For the Atlantic Ocean and rocky coves have a really great way of giving
.Lobster to folks like us who want to come here to eat them
.For flavor and sweetness – such delectable treat – there is nothing else that beats them!

.We enjoyed our lobster prepared all kinds of ways
.And for this we give the local lobster chefs praise
.Boiled, grilled, chowders and stews, and in mac and cheese
.Salads, dips, and lobster rolls – these surely our tastebuds did please!

.For sixteen days here in Maine we dined
.On delicious lobster – it was so divine!
.So we thank all the lobstermen for working hard as you do
.We enjoyed being up here, and eating your yummy lobsters too!

My mom enjoyed writing poems — I guess I take after her. A bit corny, yes, but done in tribute to Mom.

Hover your cursor over the photo, below, then click on the arrows to scroll through some lobster photos:

Lobster gear and boats in Prospect Harbor, Maine