Lord Stanley’s Cup…

Sweet victory!

… once again comes to Chicago!  An unprecedented three times in six years!!!  Woo Hoo!!!!!

So here we are in a campground about 30 miles from Crater Lake National Park.  Can’t get TV over the airwaves… too many trees.  Verizon service is, once again, nonexistent, which we’re getting used to by now in these remote areas.  We can live with this usually… it just means we have to use the campground’s Internet service.  But here in this campground, they have banned streaming.  That’s not uncommon; gotta share the bandwidth with others… we understand….  So we’ve not been able to tune in these last couple of Stanley Cup games.  We listened to Game 5 on Saturday night on Sirius Radio when the Hawks won and took the series lead 3-2.  But that brings us to tonight.  Knowingfeeling it in my bones that we were going to win tonight, we needed to find a place to watch Game 6.  The nearest place to our campground is six miles down the road, so we decided to go down to have some chow, a cocktail or two, and watch us win it all.

So we get to the bar, The Gorge, and shit!, the restaurant attached to the bar is closed!  Turns out the lady who runs it got sick or broke her arm or something so it’s closed for a few days.  Are you kidding?!?  We haven’t eaten since a big breakfast and we need to eat!  The next closest place is another 15 or so miles further down the road, so that’ s not a great option….

US:  “Do you have ANY food we could eat while we watch the game here?”

MISSY, the barmaid:   “Well we do have some Marie Calendars chicken pot pies.”

US:  “Fine, we’ll take three of those and some margaritas.”

And with that, our new campground friend David, Fred, and I became the only three patrons in this bar.  Missy tuned on the game for us and we happily ate chicken pot pies, drank Patron margaritas and beer, and watched the second and third periods of the game.  With a couple of Hawks goals, we got it done.  The prized Stanley Cup comes to Chicago once again.  That deserves another Woo Hoo!!  Ah, the joys of taking life as it comes……….  And by the way, we’re sorry, Perry.

David, Laura & Fred - we found a bar with the game
Your Stanley Cup champions
The fine tradition of sportsmanship
Captain Toews
We want the Cup
Three times in six years!