Little-While Friends

Little-While Friends
In this cute children’s story, little Orlando overcomes his shyness by making friends while on vacation — his little-while friends

A little over a year ago we met a really terrific couple while we were down in St. John visiting the Virgin Islands National Park.  We enjoyed a few days of fun in the sun by the pool and a couple of nights of drinks and dinner with Suzy and Kevin who happened to be staying in the same condo complex in which we were staying.  “Little-while friends” on vacation — Suzy introduced us to this phrase; she knew it from a book she read to their kids when they were young — we vowed to stay in touch.

Well, that we did, and we were able to meet back up with Suzy and Kevin while we were visiting Sedona.  In fact it was they who suggested we come to Sedona to meet them and their good friends Anne and Chris who we heard so much about down in St. John; they were all going to the film festival and figured that with our gypsy lifestyle we might just be able to swing by Sedona and join them.  It turns out that the timing was perfect and so we did!

Reunion in Sedona -- Kevin, Chris, Suzy, Anne & Laura
Dinner with Kevin, Chris, Suzy, Anne & Laura — that’s Courthouse Mtn in the background (difficult to see as the sun was shining on it)

We all had a great time together, as Suzy and Kevin knew we would.  We thoroughly enjoyed a delicious dinner and a terrific evening at Anne and Chris’s lovely home in Sedona.  [They have another home in Wisconsin; we knew we liked these people!]  We all took in the same film festival movie on another night.  And then Chris took us hiking in a special place on another day and we followed that up with lunch and an afternoon of relaxing back at Charley after our hike.

Here are some photos of our hike.  While the hiking in the red rocks area surrounding Sedona is spectacular nearly everywhere you go, this place was particularly amazing, for it’s a secret little spot where you hike up to some old Native American cliff-dwelling ruins.  Largely unlooted because those who know about this place don’t tell others for fear of it being disrespected and decimated, we found sherds of old Indian pottery and some wonderful petroglyphs that few eyes have ever seen.   If you click on a photo, you can see a larger version of it.  You can also use the arrows at the bottom (click on the photo if they disappear on you) to scroll through all the photos in the photo series.  To close the series, click on the ‘X’ in the top right corner.

We are so happy that we met our little-while friends once again and now we have some new friends!  Suzy and Kevin and Anne & Chris, thank you for our own copy of the little-while friends book.  We can’t wait to all get together once again sometime in the near future!