Lake Kegonsa

Friday night fish fry @ Springers on Lake Kegonsa (above)

Laura & Lisa ready for our ride - it was supposed to be a 15-mile ride but it ended up at 22 miles!
Ready for our ride

As we always do, we really enjoyed our time up in the Stoughton area.  We started our morning at our Lake Kegonsa State Park campsite.  Bill & Lisa came by to see how we’re living now in our 220 ft² apartment on wheels, then we took off.  

What was to be a 15 mile ride (gratefully, for Fred & I rode 20 hilly miles the day before and were happy to take a shorter route today) turned out to be 26 miles!  And somehow, we were always climbing hills into the wind.  

Oh well, it was good exercise and the shower at their house afterwards was heavenly!

We spent later afternoon on the boat – always an enjoyable activity.  Captain Bill did a yeoman’s job docking the boat with a really strong side wind, and we put Timmy’s wrestling muscles to good use helping pull the boat onto the lift.  Kelsey & Timmy enjoyed a dip in the lake, then we all walked up to Springers for Friday Night Fish Fry.

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Not a bad way to spend a Friday afternoon