In search of a house

March 29 — We have been in Buchanan, Mich., for the past couple of days searching for a house to move into once we come off the road.  We are hoping the timing works out so we can purchase something and just have to move one time, but if we don’t find what we’re looking for, we’ll end up renting something while we continue to search for the perfect landing pad.

We were in Buchanan at Christmastime, as well, but springtime is definitely a better time to get a feel for this area, especially on a sunny day like we’re having today.  In addition to house hunting, we are also checking out places like the local Y, the Art Center, the public library, the golf club, the coffee shop, the train station, etc.

We remain hopeful that the perfect home is out there for us so we will continue our search until we find it.  Let’s just hope we find it sooner rather than later….