“In a Van Down by the River”…

… make that “Down by the Interstate” but that’s us!!  We watched “SNL 40” last Sunday night and laughed through the decades of skits featuring so many of our favorite comedians who got their start on this iconic show.  So many classics – The Killer Bees… Cheezborger Cheezborger… Daily Affirmations with Stuart Smalley… and who can forget the late Chris Farley as Matt Foley, motivational speaker, who lived in a van down by the river…?

Our friend, Suzanne, tells friends we sold our downtown Chicago condo and now live in “a van” – as you might imagine, we’ve all had a lot of fun with that!  And so we couldn’t help but make the connection to our current ‘home’ here in New Orleans where we are in “our van” not down by the river, but right under the Interstate.  As the photos below show, we are literally right under the gigantic billboard visible from Interstate 10 East.  Actually this is a pretty good spot, just a quarter mile north of NOLA’s French Quarter.  Oh sure, we can hear planes, trains, and automobiles from this, our home under the highway, but we can’t think of any other time in our 10-month road trip that we’ve been, or wanted to be, so close to a city.  So I guess an RV park next to the interstate and under a billboard is just where we want to be for now, and we’re embracing it!

This is the French Quarter RV Resort – the place we’ve been calling ‘home’ for these several days we’ve been staying in NOLA:

The French Quarter RV Resort just off Interstate 10 in downtown NOLA
View from I-10 East – our spot is right under this Power Ball billboard – literally RIGHT under it!
French Quarter RV Resort
Entrance gate to the French Quarter RV “Resort” – you can’t see it, but there is razor wire on top of all of the 8-foot walls that surround our RV park concrete jungle.
Charley at night in NOLA
We have enjoyed our time here in NOLA, and I will post more on this shortly, but we just had to share this, our unique ‘campground’ with you, and capture it for our memoirs….