I’m building our website!

After a couple of failures with freelancing our website development out, I’ve decided to take matters into my own hands and build our travel blog website myself!  I’m in day #3 of creating it. I’ve watched Tyler Moore’s videos on YouTube (great stuff – thanks, Tyler!!) and he’s provided invaluable guidance for tips, tricks, templates, tools, etc. for folks like me who are building their own websites.

So far I’ve created my logo on LogoSnap.com — very cool & super easy to do!  I’ve searched for blog themes (thanks, Devin, for Portfolio+) and hope I’ve selected a good one — I think I have….  I’ve also been messing around with content — deciding how best to organize the site, what to feature, how to easily share photos, etc.

We hope our friends and family members really find our blog to be fun and easy to navigate.  We think it will be a great way to keep in touch with everyone as we’re Out There on the road.  Whoever wants to follow us can come to our blog and see what we’re up to.  We want to feature where we’ve been, what we’re seeing, where we’re headed to next, etc.  I know I’ll have at least one loyal devotee – my mother will be following along with us and our adventures…!!  [And just for her, I’ve buried in my blog posts various trivia tidbits.]