Hoop Dreams

Monday, April 4th — After another fabulous long weekend in Chicago and lots more celebrating and partying which I’ll write about soon, we are now at Mom’s up here in Appleton where we’ll spend a few days visiting with her and my sister and her family.

It’s basketball weekend, and as I write this post we are watching the NCAA Championship game.  It’s clear who Daddy & Joan are cheering for down in North Carolina.  On the other side of the court and on another coast, nephew Kyle in Galveston is all in with Villanova as he picked them to win it all in his work pool.  Since my Badgers lost in the Sweet 16, I’m not as interested in the outcome as I was last year, but if I’m forced to choose, I’ll side with Fred and go with ‘anyone but NC.’  [I may have just shot myself in the foot as we’re visiting our NC family next week — sorry guys, I really don’t mean it!]

Matthew Wade & the Skills - tournament champions!
Skills First Team — Champions of the NY2LA Swish & Dish 14 & under AAU Bronze Championship.  My nephew, Matthew, is second from the left; the player next to the coach — handsome, smart, and a great baller!

On the subject of basketball, our drive to Wisconsin from Chicago yesterday found us hooking up with one of my best buddies, Will, and his family up in Milwaukee.  Will & Lizzette’s son, Matthew, was playing in an AAU 14 & Under basketball tournament, so we joined them at one of the local high schools to watch Matt and his team make up a 20-point deficit and win by a couple to put them into the finals of their division.  Unfortunately we couldn’t stay for the final game as we were due up at Mom’s for dinner, but the team went on to win the championship game by 15 points!  Taking after his dad who was a high school and college basketball stud himself back in his day, Matthew soared with 18 points, 8 rebounds, and 7 assists.  Way to go Matthew!  And congratulations to your entire team!  It was fun watching you play.  Your Auntie Laura and Uncle Fred look forward to watching you continue to develop your skills and play in high school and then at the college level.

And speaking yet some more of basketball, Villanova just won.  Congrats on winning your pool, Kyle!