Head of the Charles

October 18 & 19 — We’ve joined Kelsey at several of her Wisconsin Rowing regattas over the last three years, but this one takes the cake – literally – it’s the largest two-day regatta in the world. We were so excited she got to make the trip with her UW team as that meant we would join her in Boston for this one, too.

Head of the Charles - the largest regatta in the U.S.
View of the Charles River from our hotel room

In ‘head’ races, the 1-, 2-, 4-, and 8-man sculls race against each other and the clock in a time trial.  Here in Boston the race is 4,800 meters (3 miles) with boats starting sequentially about 15 seconds apart.  There are 60 different race events with some 10,500 athletes from around the world here this weekend, and approximately 400,000 spectators watching from bridges and all along the shorelines.

Head of the Charles
Boats rowed up river to the starting line using the left side of the river, then raced down to the finish line using the center and right side of the river and those two bridge openings.
Wisco Four
Wisconsin Women’s Fours – this is a freshman boat that took 3rd out of 59 teams during Saturday’s race.  Wisconsin has a really strong rowing program – way to go, ladies!

Not that I need to point this out, but just in case you can’t tell by the quality… above are my photos; below are Fred’s.  He was out taking photos on both race days – Saturday and Sunday.  He took nearly 3,000 images and got a lot of great shots!  We’ll spare you looking at all of them for now; here’s just a couple we thought the Wisco women would like.

It was such a treat to see Kelsey this weekend!  She’s doing very well in this, her senior year at UW, and we are already looking forward to seeing her at Thanksgiving back in Wisconsin.  We love you, honey, and are very proud of you!  Thanks for sharing your great weekend with us!

Wisco Varsity 8
Wisconsin Women’s Championship Eights – they rowed in the most difficult category and came in 9th which was very good.
Wisco Varsity 8
While rowing looks graceful, it’s a grueling sport.  These women could all kick our butts!