Great Skate!

One of the reasons we detoured north up to Salt Lake City was to watch our friend, Lisa, skate in the U.S. Adult Figure Skating Championships. Usually both Lisa and her husband, Bill, take the ice, but an unfortunate ski injury a couple of weeks ago kept Bill out of this year’s contest.

Lisa's 2nd place finish
Lisa, in blue, on the podium with her skater friends
US Figure Skating  Championships
US Figure Skating Championships

Although there were several days of competitions based on age and skill level, we just watched Lisa, along with her age-groupers in the Gold [second-highest] category, compete on their day.

A skater since she was five, Lisa has been a part of this skating community for decades. She knows most of her competitors and usually does well against them. This year was no exception as Lisa took home a bronze for third place for her ice dances, and a silver for second place in her freestyle skating program – way to go, Lisa!

For years, I have been in awe of both Lisa and Bill for the amount of training – often in the early mornings – they do and the level of fitness they keep to remain competitive. And so it was especially enjoyable to watch Lisa skate in this, the big annual competition, and have her skate with with such grace and elegance.

A shout out must go to Bill, as well, who patiently answered my many questions as we watched from the sidelines. Thanks, Bill and Lisa, for this wonderful experience! And congratulations, Lisa, for another strong finish!

Lisa on the ice
Lisa on the ice