Gay, Michigan

July 13-14 — We’ve spent the last two days in Copper Harbor in the U.P. [Upper Peninsula of Michigan].  People up here are known as Yoopers (YOU-pers) and to a person each is very friendly, grounded, and seemingly content with being born, living, and dying right here without venturing very far from this out-of-the-way, secluded place.  It’s beautiful here, but did I mention remote? … as in no cell service unless you climb to the top of Brockway Mountain (which we did, but we didn’t have our cell phones with us) or drive about 20 miles south to the next nearest town.


On the topic of towns, we came upon a fun little town, or township rather.  See the photo, above, to see the name of the town, and the posted sign that warns of a $500 fine for anyone caught stealing or defacing the sign.  And the only, and I mean ONLY business in the whole township is the Gay Bar in Gay, MI – no joke!  Of course we had to stop in for lunch and a couple of cold, local ones [Keweenaw Brewing Company Lift Bridge Brown Ale and KBC Blonde Ale] to wash it down!

As the Michigan Tourism Board touts, this place is Pure Michigan and we are enjoying every bit of it!

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  1. Hi Joanna – thanks for checking in! We’ve had a great time in your homeland, but alas we’re now in Minnesota for nearly a week… but FEAR NOT – we’re coming back the U.P. to take in Pictured Rock, Tahquamenon Falls, and Sault Ste Marie at the end of the month before moving on into Ohio & Pennsylvania. We’ve loved it here!

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