Fred’s Yellowstone National Park, Part 1

I spent almost three weeks in Yellowstone NP, a week of which was while Laura traveled back to Chicago to help Claire with her wedding dress shopping, and during that time I got a pretty good feel for the park. The time also afforded me the opportunity to revisit particular places of interest at different times of the day or under different weather conditions. On a number of days I was up at zero dark hundred to capture bison as the morning light hit them, and stayed out until after sunset to shoot a geyser and mineral pool basin as the last rays of the day shimmered on hot, still water. At different places in the park, I watched as the rising sun slowly illuminated the 300 feet Lower Yellowstone Falls, and caught the floor show on a number of occasions of Yellowstone’s most famous attraction: Old Faithful. There was so much more, but I’ll allow my photos to provide you with a sense of what I saw during my time in the park. Given my extensive amount of time in Yellowstone and the corresponding number of images that I captured, I have divided my photos into two different posts.

Yellowstone is our nation’s first national park, and what a grand park it is. 

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The Big Blow – Old Faithful

Nature in Abstract