Fred’s Death Valley National Park

This was a good time to visit Death Valley National Park. Instead of having to deal with the 100 degree plus days and warm nights during the summer, we were moving comfortably around the park in sunshine and temps in the 70’s and 80’s. This was not by accident as we had researched when the weather is most accommodating and planned our visit accordingly. We also planned our trip to coincide with the spring flower bloom, and were not disappointed. As a matter of fact, we happened to visit the park in a year and at a time that a once every decade event occurred: a super bloom. This is what occurs when the valley experiences above-average rainfall coupled with warm temperatures. While this term is somewhat relative as it applies to a spring bloom in a place like Death Valley (it wasn’t quite as robust as one might see at say, Mount Rainier NP), it was still pretty spectacular to see entire areas exhibiting a yellow tint from Desert Gold wildflowers. But the beautiful wildflowers were not the only color on display in the park. In my view, the spectacular multi-colored mountains and rock formations that make up the park were the real stars of the show.

Images from our visit to Death Valley NP are below.

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