Fred’s Craters of the Moon National Monument

You drive through the beautiful Idaho countryside near Ketchum, Idaho, and then you are upon it: exposed, black lava fields as far as the eye can see. But as you drive farther into the park, you begin to see how life is reestablishing itself in the form of first, small sprigs of grass and tiny individual flowers, and then areas of sage brush that are beautiful when contrasted with the deep, black background. And finally, taller bushes and small trees that have somehow taken root in what was a barren wasteland. The beauty here is not only in what you see in the landscape, but also in being able to witness the extraordinary resiliency of this planet that we all call home. Here are a few photos from our visit to this otherworldly park.

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Another World

Black and White

1 thought on “Fred’s Craters of the Moon National Monument”

  1. Beautiful photos! Love Idaho. You two are doing such a great job of chronicling your trip – inspiring us all to get “out there”!
    In the meantime we are missing your smiling faces at Wrigley!! Such a fun atmosphere when we are winning. Makes those $8.25 Bud lights so much less painful! Keep enjoying the open road- we’ll pull the Cubs through!

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