Fred’s Arches National Park

We’re back…in Moab, Utah, for a return visit as we make our way south toward the Grand Canyon. Having left Salt Lake City we have a couple of weeks before I need to be on the north rim of the GC to do my rim-to-rim hike of the deep gash in the Earth, and decided to spend one of those weeks in this unique place. We spent a week in Moab last year about this time and really liked the vibe of the place: great campground, casual atmosphere, wonderful restaurants, remnants of the 60’s, and spectacular scenery as both Arches National Park and Canyonlands National Park are in very close proximity. I’ll put up a few of my photos from Canyonlands in my next post. During this stay both Laura and I are recovering from very bad colds, but we did manage to get into Arches a couple of times and did the hike up to Delicate Arch (the third time for each of us), as well as a nice hike and scramble in the Devil’s Garden area of the park. All in all, a pretty good place to pass some time.

Images from our two visits to Arches NP are below.

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2 thoughts on “Fred’s Arches National Park”

  1. Bill Fitzmaurice

    Having just been there 3 weeks ago myself, I can say these shots are fabulous. Looking forward to my next photo tutorial when we meet at Glacier in August.

    1. Thanks, Bill. It’s a pretty incredible place, isn’t it? We have a few more parks to visit before we meet up with you & Lisa in Glacier NP in August, but we are really looking forward to our time together up there! See you at C&K’s wedding in a couple of weeks! –F

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