Fred Has Been Published Again

It seems like Fred has a part-time job – that of cub reporter for his hometown paper, the Chenoa Town Crier.  Laurie Jacobs, editor of the local paper, (who happens to be a distant cousin) has embraced Fred as a regular contributor now in the paper, and Fred’s having lots of fun writing and submitting articles for the local townspeople to read and enjoy.

This, his second contribution, talks about how we started off our ‘Out There’ journey down on the family farm outside of  Chenoa, and how we spent a couple of weeks with Fred’s brother and sister-in-law, Tim and Cheryl, helping out in a very small way in their efforts to restore the old farm house to the grandeur it once had.

He talked about how his great-grandfather, Frank Jacobs, had the house built to accommodate his wife and five children, and that now Tim & Cheryl Jolly are the fifth generation of family members to live on the homestead and farm the surrounding land.

To read it in its entirety, click here:  Going Home

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  1. Looks like you two are having a great time! I don’t visit every day, but like to check on you now and then.
    Safe travels!

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