Claire & Kyle
The ‘selfie’ they shared with us last night

We got the news to beat all news last night – Claire & Kyle got engaged!!!  After dating for two years and a few months, Kyle got down on one knee and popped the question to Claire.  Of course, she said, “yes!” and with that, we are now among the many happy family members who are thrilled for this wonderful, beautiful, exceptional couple.

We chatted with them briefly last night, and emailed a bit more today.  Claire shared with us that this morning, as the snow was falling in Chicago, they sat at a coffee shop and talked about their future, as well as their hopes and dreams for their big day.  Could life be any better for the two of them right now?  We think not!  We couldn’t be more thrilled for them, or for us, for we are now ‘inheriting’ one uberly-awesomely-amazing son-in-law, Kyle, to go with our bright and beautiful Claire.

Claire and Kyle – there aren’t words to tell you how pleased and happy and excited we are for the two of you.  You two were undoubtedly made for one another.  We’re so proud of you… we love you… and like everyone else in your great big happy family, we are elated to now be on this engagement journey with you….

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  1. That is the greatest news!! You are absolutely right about what a wonderful couple they are. Congratulations all!!

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