Early 2014

So here we are in early 2014 making plans to sell our condo and put everything we own into storage for a couple of years… we’re selling our current SUV [it’s too heavy] and buying a new Subaru Crosstrek as it is available in a manual transmission model which is required for towing behind an RV… we’re making lists and lists and even more lists of all that we have to do and buy and figure out before we “launch” sometime in May or June. We have a couple of wonderful National Parks books, a GPS, and an atlas for back-up for the places (and there will be many) where we won’t be able to get a cellular signal. And at this point we have a huge desire to get Out There to see and experience it all – we’re ready to hit the road together! And to borrow from The National Parks video and quote Margaret Gehrkes from her 1929 diary entry after hiking to the bottom of the Grand Canyon.