Down by the Seashore

We don’t want to rub it in with our friends back up North, but we are so happy to be back down here in the South once again!  As you can likely guess, the primary reason is the weather.  We don’t plan to turn into whimpy snowbirds or anything, but it is rather nice to not be dealing with single-digit forecast, donning scarves, hats and gloves whenever we go out, and traipsing everywhere in snow and slush.

We had our pick of campsites and chose an oceanfront site for Charley (the middle rig)
We had our pick of campsites and chose an oceanfront site for Charley
Charley and Toad both getting a much-needed washing
Charley and Toad both getting a much-needed bath
Beautiful Lowcountry Carolina
View from our restaurant in Murrells Inlet – ahhh Carolina Lowcountry!

We have spent the past three nights at a campground right on the Atlantic Ocean south of Myrtle Beach.  While the temperatures are only in the 50s & 60s, the sun has been shining, and while it’s been a bit windy, we’ll take it!  We are enjoying ocean walks, fresh seafood, moss in the trees and the scenery in beautiful Carolina Lowcountry.

And if that’s not enough to make us smile, we finally did something we’ve been wanting to do for a long time: we gave Charley a bath!  More correctly, we hired a couple of guys who have a service of washing RVs in our campground who washed and brushed off all the bugs and road dirt, so Charley is riding well and looking better than ever, and the Jollys are happy down at the seashore….

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  1. Hey! Can you let me know which address to post snail mail to you please, so that it gets forwarded to you both. It’s fantastic to see and read all your posts and to look at the great quotes that get us all thinking/acting. Much love to you both. Joanna

    1. Hello Joanna! Thanks for continuing to read my musings – glad you’re finding inspiration. Please do give strong consideration to coming to visit us on the road in 2015.
      –Your global traveling friend

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