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how to inquire about our speaking engagements

What we did was pretty amazing… dare we say EPIC!!?! We love talking about our odyssey and would be happy to talk to your group. We’ve shared our story with audiences numbering from 15 – 100; from a book club to Rotary meetings to library groups to some large groups where we were the featured speakers. Our speaking topics include the following:

Ω Jolly Out There – our 90-minute program where we share our stories and learnings, highlighting the best moments through beautiful photos and fun videos – our talk is 75 minutes then we take about 15 minutes for Q&A.
Ω Becoming the Chief Logistics Officer for your own ‘Out There’ adventure – our 90-minute talk (60 minutes of presentation; 30 minutes of Q&A) which focuses more on how we planned for such a trip.
Ω Fred’s A.T. Hike Adventures – 60- to 90-minutes where Fred shares his Appalachian Trail Hike, from planning to hiking to recovering and all the miles in between. Photos, videos and informal Q&A are all included in this talk.

Even though our journeys are in the rearview mirror now, we are still passionate about what we did and we still love to share our stories. Please feel free to email us Here for more information.

We’re very friendly folks and we love to share stories, photos, videos, suggestions, logistics, and whatever anyone else wants to know about our journey and this time in our lives. You can reach us directly through this page. 

Happy trails… wherever yours lead you………

--Laura & Fred Jolly