Congratulations Graduate!

She did it - congratulations graduate!
She did it — congratulations Kelsey!

Congratulations to our college graduate, Kelsey Ann Kramer!  After four years at the University of Wisconsin at Madison and then one final semester of study abroad in Granada, Spain, to hone her Spanish-speaking skills, our niece [who’s also my goddaughter] Kelsey graduated yesterday!  

She majored in Spanish as she wants to be bi-lingual, but took a full load of science classes that she will need to get into a graduate program to fulfill her dream of being a Physician Assistant.  She finished strong and was named to the Academic All-Big Ten for her scholastic achievement — translation: she got really good grades and finished up with a nice G.P.A.  All of this while rowing for four years for the UW and twice competing in the NCAA National Championships!  She’s a really impressive young lady who has gracefully balanced doing well in school, the demands of being an athlete and rowing in the Big Ten, keeping in touch with her family, and practicing her faith throughout her college years.

Following the holidays at home with her family, the next step for Kelsey is to move to North Carolina in early January where she’ll live with Grandma and Grandpa [my dad] — a nice place with a very attractive rent-free program! — and look for a couple of jobs. One will definitely be at a hospital or like place so she can finish up the patient-care hours she needs to have before applying to grad schools, and a second one will likely be waitressing to pay for grad school.

We’ve said it before but we feel it especially now — we’re very proud of you, Kelsey! Congratulations and welcome to the esteemed club of Badger Alumni!

Kelsey Graduation from UW
As is tradition upon graduation, Kelsey sitting on Abe’s lap at the top of Bascom Hill